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As any reader of our site will know we worked tirelessly for Nan over several years to get her Justice from Lloyds TSB and Maria Ann Bernadette PARSONS in particular.

When you are honest and attempt to do things right sometimes this comes back to bite you we now have the DWP represented by Andy Drum from a Department I had never heard of namely RECOVERY FROM ESTATES LEEDS , DEPT MANAGEMENT (BF) who now feel that as the PROBATE shows decent figures they want some of Nans Pension Credit back.

I am delighted to see that among the many hits the Bradford Centre has viewed the web-site.

I am guessing that if Nan had died penniless and we had been unsuccessful in our quest for Justice they perhaps would still have wanted to obtain a refund.

In view of the way Nan was manipulated by the convicted fraudster and the lack of cohesion within the DWP who have been kept in the picture since the day we discovered the fraud in September 2008 this is a concern not because of the money but because I am beginning to feel an injustice heading our way again .

We have felt all along that there was fraud in connection with the pension monies but the information we need has been withheld from us by the Pension Service at the Motherwell Pension Centre.

First of all thank you for all the interest I did not realise that so many of those type of letters are issued nor initially how inflexible they are .

When the burden of paperwork increases I will open a new web-site dedicated to this problem.


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