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Labouring hard for four years, for truth & justice for our 96 year old Nan, Lloyds TSB has consistently ignored its duty of care.

An unprofessional & shameful way for a bank to act.

We are a family seeking justice from Lloyds TSB for the fraud and bad banking practices that Nan (Mrs Alice (Toni) Dewey) has suffered over a period of 5 years.

Now in her 96th year and after already waiting nearly 30 months, justice has not been achieved. As her son-in-law and her Power of Attorney I am dedicated to carry out her wishes until we are satisfied that justice has been done.


On behalf of my 96 year old mother-in-law for whom I hold a Power of Attorney, I am delighted to learn that at long last something appears to be being done about the subject of handling complaints by banks.

Whilst I cannot speak about others I sadly have an in-depth knowledge of how badly Lloyds Banking Group have treated her.  I have to express personally how unhappy she and we as a family are distressed by the treatment we have received from the bank.  We have experienced ALL of the following points namely :-

  • "A lack of senior management engagement and accountability for the delivery of fair complaint handling."
  • "Poor-quality complaint handling by staff in branches and call centres, leading to "inadequate investigations, poor decision-making … and unsatisfactory correspondence with customers."​
  • Complaint-handling procedures that led to staff issuing multiple, repetitive responses to customers, "forcing them to restate their complaint a number of times in the face of ongoing negative responses". This seemed to be designed to "wear people down".​
  • Being kept waiting for months with no resolution.--Our case first raised in Sept 2008​
  • In-house incentive schemes that made branch staff reluctant to pay compensation.
  • Evidence of staff being "incentivised not to pay redress" even where the bank was at fault.– with the remuneration of branch managers and other staff linked to them not making payouts.​

There are in excess of 900 communications in connection with this investigation that has been ongoing for two years.

I wish to highlight the disgusting way that she has been treated, and the victimisation I have endured as I have had the audacity not to be fobbed off, but to stand up to them for justice, I will not get “fed up” or “go away” - I want truthful answers.

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